We love sport and we believe that playing sport in a natural way can be possible.

We are a family: Massimiliano, Helenia and Lorenzo our kid. He loves playing Tennis, Football, Golf and Surf, in fact he loves trying new sports and loves everything active! His dream is to become a professional tennis player, so we want to help him to achieve his dream, but we are worry about the risk of expose him to doping, that is a sad reality in many sports…



In 2014 we moved to Canary Islands from Italy to start a new life experience that brought us to discover a new lifestyle, more connected to nature, health and sport.

This is the reason why in 2015 we founded MoringaON, with the aim to study Superfood Sport Program for Athletes. We looked for innovative combinations of Superfood to create Program Pack for Pre and Post Training.  

Massimiliano, is informatic and I, Helenia, PR, so using our skills (and learning new skill to start our own activity) we started studying the superfoods effects on endurance athletes and the hope of playing sport in a natural way push us forward to look for the superfoods that can help athletes and started testing them on us and on some endurance athletes in Gran Canaria (land of sport all over the year). Carlos Sosa Henriquez a young triathlete started testing, Moringa, Maca and Spirulina; he commented : “I have started feeling more powerful after introducing the 25 Intensive Training Pack in my sport nutrition program. My performance has increased and I have gained better results during competitions.” From that moment Carlos hasn’t stop eating superfoods and become our brand ambassador. In the first steps we distributed superfoods of others brands on our website.



After 3 years of research and tests, “tested by athlete for athlete” considering the experience a key factor, we decided to launch our brand line of superfoods and we choose to start with Black Maca Powder gelatinized, the most powerful and rare of the 3 ecotypes of Maca.

On february 2018 we launched the line Finisher introducing Black Maca Powder gelatinized on the market of Gran Canaria (Spain). We started selling the product on the bio shops and some crossfit gym and in the meanwhile we started selling on our website (for the canarian customers) and on Amazon.es for the continental customers.

In the half of 2018 we started a collaboration with Herbofarma Canaria that is our official distributors for Canary Islands and we extend the selling of Black Maca Powder on Amazon Spain, Italy, France, Uk and Germany. Our next step is to launch new superfoods!